L!ght Deluxe Released and Demo

Light-ray-directing puzzler featuring mirrors, prisms and the rest of it
Nemo Games has announced the release of L!ght Deluxe, a logic puzzle game in which you play a galactic crusader attempting to stop the evil Ekvan from stealing all the stars in the galaxy. Your goal is simple: to stop him and return the stars to their rightful places. The player can accomplish this by solving various logic puzzles presented in increasingly devious layouts. The ultimate goal of each level: to direct light-rays from lights sources to light receivers. You're provided various tools to assist in your quest, such as mirrors, light filters, prisms, and so on. Features include: more than 100 levels, 2 difficulty levels (Easy and Hard), dynamic music and graphics, and the ability to create your own levels with the built-in Level Editor which can then be uploaded to the game's official website. A playable demo is now locally mirrored.