Star Legacy Announced

New Sci-Fi 4X title now in development
Shrapnel Games has announced Star Legacy, a new science-fiction strategy game developed by Star Legacy Development Group (SLDG), and currently slated for a late 2011 release for Windows (though the developers are hoping to port it to other operating systems). Star Legacy will be an open-ended turn-based game that will allow players to immerse themselves in an epic space opera of their own making. Players will begin by creating civilizations reaching out from their homeworlds to explore the great bejeweled darkness of the universe. As in all good 4X titles there will be a full range of choices that the player will be involved in. You can design starships worthy of the best sci-fi story, research new technologies, colonize new worlds, and when all else fails go to war. Everything in the game is player driven. Besides a single player experience the game will also feature multiplayer.