Out of Hell 6 February 2010

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Complementing Xbox LIVE's 1 vs 100 show on Super Bowl XLIV Sunday, Sprint will be integrating NFL celebrities into the interactive game show. Rich Eisen, Jerry Rice, and Joe Montana will be "calling in" to the show, which will take place 3 hours prior to kickoff. (Kickoff around 6:25PM EST). The 1-2 minute call-ins will be an interaction with the show's host, Chris Cashman, focusing on the celebritiesí NFL and Super Bowl experiences. The guest caller will also ask a Super Bowl-themed trivia question that all 1 vs 100 players can answer, with a chance to win Sprint products and services. To learn more on how to play visit this website.

2. During the week ending 6 February 2010, Mass Effect held the†top spot again in UK charts.

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