Street Fighter IV Goes Mobile

Fighting franchise set to make its App Store debut this March
Capcom announced today that Street Fighter IV will be available via App Store this March, for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game will feature a roster pulled from recent console releases including several classic and newly introduced fighters. Street Fighter IV for iPhone uses an advanced virtual d-pad or "Visual Pad" control interface to immerse the player into the familiar Street Fighter combat system. Players can fully customize the "Visual Pad" interface by repositioning the buttons and d-pad anywhere on the screen through the options menu. Additionally, players can further refine their configuration by setting the transparency level of the controls. For newcomers to the series, a new "Dojo" mode unleashes the warrior within turning neophytes into Street Fighter masters. Once players hone there skills in single player mode they can then go head-to-head against their friends via Bluetooth for bragging rights and the coveted title of "Champion".