Blade Kitten Announced and Screens/Trailer

Blade Kitten comic series comes to life with downloadable game this Spring
Krome Studios has announced the development of Blade Kitten, a new PS3 game based on the comic book series by creator Steve Stamatiadis and due to be available in Spring 2010. Blade Kitten invites players into the world of Hollow Wish where they take on the role of Kit Ballard, one of the best bounty hunters in the business. With her pink hair and tail, Kit is part cat, part girl - and fully lethal. As one of the last of her species, Kit commands her unique "Darque Blade" hovering sword to defeat enemies. Also along for the ride is Skiffy, Kit's laid-back sidekick who lends a hand in collecting items, solving puzzles, and when needed, serves as Kit's protector. Players will jump right in and easily begin exploring and fighting their way through 19 levels, including three exploration levels with Noot (a rideable alien mount). Blade Kitten will be released as a two part mini-series available exclusively via digital distribution on PlayStation Network - five screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.