CaptiveMotion's Embody Technology in Alan Wake

CaptiveMotion and metricminds came together at the end of a 5 year project to create facial animations for the cutscenes in Alan Wake
CaptiveMotion and metricminds have announced the completion of work on Alan Wake, a psychological action thriller in the works at Remedy Entertainment and set to be available on May 18 (US) and May 21 (Europe), exclusively for Xbox 360. Work on this project commenced with a 5 day shoot in late November, shooting with actors in the Tempe based CaptiveMotion studio. Over the course of 7 weeks, CaptiveMotion and metricminds generated 51 minutes of facial animation in 445 unique sequences. This animation, captured with CaptiveMotion's proprietary Embody technology, tracked as many as 1,600 individual markers per actor. After capturing the actors, the performances were mapped to a total of 21 separate characters. Proprietary tools then allowed the team to seamlessly synch the facial performance to the pre-recorded voice over work as well as drive realistic tongue animations. Additional services that were provided include rigging, skinning, and geometry modification.