Foto Showdown New Trailers #2

Innovative attack strategies and photo capturing techniques unveiled
Konami Digital Entertainment has released a couple of new videos for Foto Showdown, a new DSi game in which players utilize the Nintendo DSi's camera functionality to snap photos and incorporate them directly into the gameplay in this action RPG for kids of all ages. Foto Showdown allows players to snap photos with the Nintendo DSi which uses advanced color recognition to spawn monsters based on the dominant colors in those photos. Players pit their battle tested monsters against rivals in no-holds-barred turn based duels that put the unique powers of each monster to the test. As players progress through more than 100 levels, winning tournaments and beating opponents, they'll be able to upgrade their powers, purchase more powerful weapons, add medicine and tools providing the ability to wreak greater havoc on their duelist partner. The longer you play the stronger you get. Foto Showdown will be available this March.