Just Cause 2 PC NVIDIA Features Unveiled and Vehicle Up Grade Trailer

Support for 3D Vision and advanced hardware shaders amp up PC release
Square Enix revealed today that the PC version of Just Cause 2 will feature a suite of advanced graphical enhancements supported by NVIDIA GPUs, including next-generation lighting and water routines and full support for 3D Vision. Developer Avalanche Studios has incorporated support for NVIDIA CUDA technology which helps to deliver a higher level of visual fidelity within the game's environments. CUDA-enhanced features in Just Cause 2 include incredible in-game effects, with rivers, lakes and oceans beautifully rendered with realistic rising swells, flowing waves and ripples, while advanced photographic Bokeh lens techniques add an additional cinematic quality to the look and feel of the game. Just Cause 2 has also been optimised to take full advantage of NVIDIA 3D Vision technology on compatible hardware. Press 'read more' for details - a new trailer is now available.