Race Driver: GRID Reloaded Announced and Screens

Race Driver: GRID Reloaded includes £10+ worth of DLC codes for more cars and an all-new circuit
A premium Platinum edition of Race Driver: GRID will launch in PAL territories on March 11th and March 12th in the UK for PS3, priced £24.99, Codemasters announced. Entitled Race Driver: GRID Reloaded, the release will add extra content by including codes in the box that will provide players with over £10 worth of new downloadable content (DLC). Further extending the original, two DLC codes will be included in Race Driver: GRID Reloaded and enable players to download the Prestige and 8-ball DLC packs, adding 18 cars, new multiplayer modes and a new circuit to the game. Press 'read more' for details - five screenshots have been added in our gallery.