Radiance Digital Entertainment and Omniverse Games Sign Deal

Beach Volleyball Online and Excalibur Online are the first titles to be announced under the agreement
Omniverse Games and Radiance Digital Entertainment have announced that two new titles will arrive to North America: Excalibur Online and Beach Volleyball Online. Excalibur Online is a browser based free-to-play massively multiplayer online real time strategy (MMORTS) game set in post Roman Britain in the years just preceding the rise of King Arthur and Camelot. Players in Excalibur Online must collect resources and quickly develop new technology in order to build up their cities, maintain powerful armies, and try to unify Britain under their own rule. Beach Volleyball Online is a free-to-play Sports MMO in which players are immersed in a 3D world set in a lush beach side environment. The game incorporates the intense tactics and competition of real beach volleyball into a larger virtual world where players and their avatars can explore, socialize, and make new friends. Check full article for details.