Aika Online Open Beta Next Week

Aika Online to enter open beta
Gala-Net has announced that the open beta test for Aika Online will start on March 16th, allowing players to explore all six classes, a full range of player vs. player (PvP) combat, all content from levels 1 through 50, as well as a complex player-run political system featuring a never-ending war between five competing nations. Besides boasting the standard MMO features like questing, dungeon-running and crafting, Aika is heavily focused on PvP features. Aika is optimized for large scale nation wars where thousands of players can fight at one time. In Aika you can: fight for control over your nation during a castle siege, attack an enemy nation to capture their magical artifacts to boost your nation's power, and participate in a variety of exciting PvP games in the battlegrounds.