Colony Defense Screens and Trailer

2:05 of gameplay footage
Mana Bomb Games has released four screenshots and a movie from Colony Defense, a space-based 360 degree planetary tower defense strategy game. Your mission is to defend your colonies on 34 different planets from invading aliens called the Suona. All the action takes place on the full surface of a 3D planet, so you need to be constantly on the move to keep your colonies safe. You have 10 unique, upgradable towers you place along multiple paths, and an orbital ion cannon for when you really need to bring the pain. As you progress, the number of alien spawn points increase along with the number of bases you must defend. For each level you complete you can unlock special abilities that are vital to wining the war. Colony Defense introduces a new "spin" on tower defense that has to be tried to be understood. The game is now available for PC and Xbox 360.