Dark Age of Camelot Full-Service European Account Center Opens

European Account Center now open for former GOA subscribers
Mythic Entertainment has announced that the Dark Age of Camelot European Account Center has been updated and all former GOA European subscribers can return to update their account information and activate game time cards available through the EA Store. Billing for Dark Age of Camelot will resume on March 25th and consumers can visit this page to purchase game time in advance of the billing reactivation. European players can visit the Mythic Account Center to update their Dark Age of Camelot accounts, including updating contact information and entering game time codes. In addition, new players can create an account and try out the 14-Day free trial. Following the February 17th transition from GOA to Mythic Entertainment, all European Dark Age of Camelot characters and account information have been migrated to Mythic servers and are available to present and past players. Once logged in, European players will be fully updated to the latest North American version of the game.