Infinite Space DS Tutorial Trailer #3

2:36 of gameplay footage
SEGA has released a new movie from Infinite Space, this time showcasing the DS version of this game due to be available on March 26th. Infinite Space for DS immerses you in a dynamic, colorful universe on the verge of war. In the role of young Yuri, you command a fleet of spaceships and battle against tyrannical dictators and deadly space pirates while searching for a mystical epitaph known to have the power to change the world. As the story unfolds, Yuri grows into a man powerful enough to prevent another war and possibly, universal annihilation. Infinite Space will allow you to create and customize a fleet of up to five spaceships with over 100 spaceship blueprints and over 200 modules to choose from. Changing the crew and spaceship attributes directly affects the impact of the fleet.