Monster Hunter Tri Screens #8

Ten new screens
We have a new set of screenshots from Monster Hunter Tri (also known as Monster Hunter 3), scheduled to hit the store shelves on April 30th, 2010, exclusively for Wii. The latest installment in the Monster Hunter series depicts a living, breathing ecosystem where man co-exists with the fantastic beasts that roam both the dry land and the brand new sub-aqua environment - a first for the series. With the option of split-screen mode, two players can hunt co-operatively or form a team of up to four hunters via the game's custom online Wi-Fi mode. Even solo players do not have to face Monster Hunter Triís challenging quests alone as they will be ably accompanied by Cha-Cha, an AI hunting partner whose skills will prove invaluable. New items, weapons and armour sets will be also available to assist the hunters.