Dragon Oath Gigantic Dragon Mount Contest Announced

BladeWind was released with the game's latest expansion Age of Destiny and is very rare
ChangYou.Com (US) sent over a press release announcing that it will be giving away one rare gigantic flying dragon mount to one lucky Dragon Oath player. The mount, named "BladeWind", is a dragon with glowing yellow eyes, razor sharp teeth, and claws that can rip anything to shreds. It has a massive wingspan strong enough to create a mini dust storm and increase travel speed by 70%. The immense size of this dragon is big enough to invite an extra companion along for the ride. Check full article for details.
Update: ChangYou.Com (US) also announced that its product team will begin to host a weekly Ventrilo Chat with players of Dragon Oath, to provide them a chance to find out about the game’s changes, updates, contests and events ahead of time.