Cabela's Monster Buck Hunter Ships and Screens

Put monster bucks in your crosshairs with the TOP SHOT hunting peripheral
Activision Publishing today announced that Cabela's Monster Buck Hunter has shipped to retail, exclusively for Wii, and is available with the TOP SHOT peripheral for $49.99. In Cabela's Monster Buck Hunter, you can test your shooting skills in 12 expansive shooting galleries where you can bag loads of big game, small critters and flying birds with an ample supply of ammunition for non-stop hunting action. You can take the TOP SHOT challenge with friends and family in 2- to 4-person turn based multiplayer games and use up to seven different power-ups to gain the advantage. The game also features 96 missions that take you across 24 states and provinces from the bone chilling Yukon to the scorching Sonoran Desert. Six screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.