Fantasy Earth Zero Client (2010-04-01)

Fast-paced action and RPG elements in a player vs. player vs. environment (PvPvE) world
Gamepot USA has released a new game client for Fantasy Earth Zero (FEZ), a new MMORPG from Square Enix scheduled to launch in North America later this year. In Fantasy Earth Zero, an era of peace ironically brings about war, which causes trivial disputes of the past to evolve into full-blown battles, throwing the world of Melpharia into chaos. Kingdoms are created and destroyed over the years while their inhabitants fight for control of powerful crystals spread throughout the land. These crystals are the origins of everything in the world and their power can be used for transformations, healing, and more, making them invaluable. Fantasy Earth Zero features three distinct classes to choose from, five unique kingdoms vying for a player's allegiance, various quests, a soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakamoto (Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12), 50 vs. 50 PvP and a nearly endless array of character customization options.