Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot Gamers Night Screens

Retro arcade game returns with new stealth combat to arrive in Summer 2010
We have six screenshots from Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot, an action game in the works at Vatra and set for Fall 2010, for PS3 and Xbox 360. In Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot, a clandestine struggle exists between Russia and the United States for military intelligence during the shadows of the Cold War. Through three massive environments of a Siberian prison complex, a bio-weapons laboratory, and a nuclear weapons base players will need to complete a variety of missions and survive encounters with elite Russian soldiers. Players choose their own gameplay style by moving through each level loud and fast or silent and deadly. As they find themselves almost always outnumbered, players must avoid constant detection from the vigilant guards and the unblinking eyes of security cameras. Armed with a little more than a knife, the players will have to scrounge for weapons and supplies to survive as they are truly behind enemy lines.