Zombie Driver - Slaughter DLC Released and Trailer/Patch

The update is available for free to all gamers that have already bought the game as well as to new players
EXOR Studios today announced the release of Slaughter, a new DLC (downloadable content) for Zombie Driver, an action driving game with a top down perspective and a dynamic helicopter chase camera. Slaughter features a new arena based gameplay where the player is meant to survive for as long as possible from the incoming hordes of zombies on one of the 5 specially crafted arenas. Exclusively for Steam users the game features online leaderboards and a handful of 21 new achievements to unlock. On top of that Zombie Driver has been integrated with Tweeter and Facebook so if you have an account on either of those you can easily post your score on your blog or wall directly from the game. A new video and a patch are now available.