Grand Chase New Major Update Announced #2

Starting midnight tonight, players can now take on the role of a duelist in this MMO
Ntreev USA has announced that Sieghart, a popular character in its online action-brawler MMO, Grand Chase, will get a new job starting Midnight tonight: Duelist. The Duelist has the ability to change to a "Power Stance" during a basic combo, jump or dash attack. Using rage with the power stance makes his Heavy Smash and Adrenaline Attack inflict more damage. The Duelist's agility allows him to rise up in great bounds to attack from above. He can also make himself more aerodynamic while falling down to quickly return to the ground so he can startle his enemies or get out of a sticky situation. When the Duelist unleashes his rage not only is his power dramatically increased, but he will also gain defense bonuses making him harder to defeat.