Flyff - Fly For Fun v15 Client

The new content release is now available for all Flyff players
Flyff - Fly For Fun is a free MMORPG which focuses on characters flying around using a hoverboard or broom as a way of transportation to other islands and towns in the game. This new version gives players access to the Valley of the Risen, further expanding in-game content and Flyff's explorable landscape. The Valley of the Risen, tucked away in the far reaches of Shaduwar, is filled with ancient mysteries, including new dungeon instances and brand new quests. Also included in this expansion is the all new Buff Pet system, which enables pets to provide powerful buffs to their masters. All new armor, weapons, and accessories bring another level of customizable gameplay to this expansion. v15 also introduces the beneficial Guild House, which gives guilds many perks, such as a tax free merchant, a teleport NPC, and bubble time. The latest game client is now mirrored.