Schizm 2 Screens #3

Our gallery has been updated with 95 new screenshots for Mysterious Journey: Chameleon (aka Schizm 2), showcasing this upcoming first-person perspective, puzzle-oriented adventure sequel in the works at Detallion. Mysterious Journey: Chameleon will be published by The Adventure Company in November 2003.
A young man wakes aboard a derelict space station orbiting a desolate world. He finds himself in a cryogenic sleeper pod, and is alarmed to discover that he has no memories of who or where he is. Who placed him in suspended animation? How long has he been asleep? Sarpedon, the desolate planet below, was once a thriving, highly advanced world, enjoying the wonders of a golden age. But when an alien spaceship entered its system, two factions formed: those wanting to make contact with the alien vessel and those who didn’t. Take on the role of Sen, and explore the new worlds with ‘Chameleon’ technology allowing you to impersonate members of the different tribes and go safely among them. Learn the history of how this new world came to be and resolve the feuding into a peaceful conclusion where your true origins will be revealed. Features: * Sequel to the Best-Selling Mysterious Journey: Schizm. * The story and dialogues are authored by the award-winning Australian science-fiction writer Terry Dowling. * Complete freedom of movement and navigation for non-linear gameplay. * A huge science-fiction fantasy themed game encompassing over 40 locations with 30 different puzzles. * A fully orchestrated, original, background soundtrack with in-game ambient audio will completely immerse the player in the game experience.