Unbound Saga Announced for Xbox 360 and Screens/Trailer

Video game brawler leaps off onto Xbox 360
Vogster Entertainment has announced that Unbound Saga, based on the comic series of the same name and now available for PSP, will be released via Xbox LIVE Arcade this summer, for Xbox 360. The game features self-aware comic book tough guy Rick Ajax and his saucy vixen partner, Lori Machete, in an epic journey to escape the confines of their 2-dimensional existence. Players can take up the fight alone or battle it out in two player co-op, controlling either Rick or Lori, each with their own fighting style and special, upgradable abilities. Players can unlock new moves and skills to fit their own gaming style: build Rick into a powerful, destructive tank who can destroy objects and use the pieces to pummel his enemies into oblivion, or train Lori in her mystical "Shadow Arts" and stealthy martial skills. Ten screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download area.