Mytheon Open Beta Next Week

Mytheon to enter open beta on April 28th
True Games Interactive today announced that the open beta test for Mytheon, a new MMO developed by Petroglyph, will begin on April 28th. Mytheon is Petroglyph's first online micro-transaction game that combines the best elements of action, strategy and RPG game-play with a heavy emphasis on collectability and combat. The title is set within a fantasy universe infused with unique mythologies from across the globe. Players will first embark on a journey through the extensive lore of ancient Greece, with ongoing expansions to follow. In related news, the companies have revealed that they will offer a "Champions of Mytheon" premium package for a limited time that will offer players lifetime access to discount currency, premium offerings, exclusive, one-time only items, and sneak previews of new content before release. "Champions of Mytheon" players will also have access to an Early Play period before the official launch. The "Champions of Mytheon" package will be available for purchase in early May.

Mytheon on PC
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