Allods Online Major Update Released and Screens

Major update for Allods Online will bring the Arena of Death and many game play and graphics improvements
Releasing these new screenshots, Gala Networks Europe has announced a major update for Allods Online, a fully-featured MMORPG set in a fantasy space opera universe. One highlight of the patch is the Arena of Death the next step in ground Player vs Player combat. The Arena of Death is in Yazes Shard and players must complete certain tasks to gain the right to enter it. Once in the Arena, Imperial and League players can fight each other. On a cyclic basis players will gain 50% more Glory points for one hour. The game also now includes an Astral ship training mode for Level 38 and higher players who want to sample a taste of the Astral content, while their ship is still under construction or simply to try it out. On Astral Ships themselves, a number of improvements have been made to the gameplay details: decreased damage in some areas, a redesign of the league ship and components such as the visor, cannons, shields, and the motor.