Hero: 108 Online Closed Beta Soon and Client

First ever cross-platform collaboration between Gamania Digital Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Moonscoop Entertainment, and Playmates Toys
Gamania Digital Entertainment announced they are accepting applications for the upcoming closed beta test of Hero: 108 Online, a massively multi-player online game (MMOG) inspired by the like-named Cartoon Network series, Hero: 108. The storyline for Hero: 108 Online was created as a unique graphic interpretation of the 14th Century Chinese novel "The Water Margin Stories", an epic clash of spirits, outlaws and emperors. In the core storyline of Hero: 108, humans and animals lived together in harmony until High Roller, a malicious character, was unceremoniously banished from the Eastern capital. Fate, often a playful catalyst, intervened and High Roller was struck by lightning - in turn bestowing him with the amazing ability to speak to animals. With his new powers, High Roller brainwashed his new furry friends into believing that humans are evil - and began his plans to take revenge against those who exiled him.