WonderKing New PvP System Launched

Take part in one-on-one battles to secure WonderKing supremacy
NDOORS Interactive has announced that WonderKing now features a revamped Player vs. Player (PvP) system. Players will now be able to see statistics and other information about their opponent, including their internet latency rate, when going in for a fight. In addition, players will now take part in a three-round match. Each player can choose a map to play where they feel it to be advantageous to their character. This encourages gamers to think on their feet and contrive ways to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses rather than relying on luck in a one-off match. Moreover, players can now compete against friends in an arena dedicated to PvP matches. They can teleport to the arena from almost any map in WonderKing with ease. Talking to Non-Player Character (NPC) Shaina will initiate a challenge.