Galactic Taz Ball Screens #5 and Launch Trailer

1:03 of gameplay footage
Our gallery has been updated with six more screenshots from Galactic Taz Ball, a new Nintendo DS game starring Taz and developed by WayForward Technologies. In Galactic Taz Ball, Taz is accidentally kidnapped by Marvin the Martian, who is stealing the Earth's landscape to make Mars more scenic. Taz must spin his way across pieces of Earth floating in space to stop Marvin from destroying the planet and get back home. The game contains two worlds with completely different gameplay mechanics. The "Overworld" is an action-style 3-D game playable on the Nintendo DS' top screen with unique track ball controls using the Nintendo DS-stylus on the bottom screen. When Taz moves fast enough he becomes a tornado that can destroy objects and enemies. The "Underworld" is a side-scrolling puzzle game played on the bottom touch screen in which Taz navigates a maze of active machinery and gadgets. Galactic Taz Ball will be available for Europe on May 14th 2010 and for North America in Autumn 2010. A new trailer is now available.