Monopoly Streets Screens

Monopoly-inspired video game to help celebrate 75th anniversary of Hasbro's Monopoly brand
Electronic Arts sent us two screenshots from Monopoly Streets which will be available in Autumn of 2010 for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360. Monopoly Streets includes online multiplayer and unique downloadable content, offering an assortment of features that add to the thrill of becoming a Monopoly real estate mogul. Developing properties within high rent districts will produce lavish houses and hotels that appear within the world and further substantiate its visual appeal, while developing in the less expensive areas provide more modest, but no less interesting, establishments. The game will also feature player-owned headquarters that rise and fall along with the player's fortunes - large and luxurious when winning, stunted and minuscule when losing. For purists, Monopoly Streets will offer classic game board modes, as well.