International Cricket 2010 Heroes Trailer

This video shows cricket stars Stuart Broad and Ricky Ponting in action (0:56)
Codemasters has released a new movie for International Cricket 2010, showcasing this title developed by Trickstar Games and set to launch in the UK on Friday, 18th June 2010, to coincide with the NatWest Series between England and Australia. The new Action Cam will immerse players in all the on-pitch drama, intensity and excitement of competitive international cricket. Supplementing traditional broadcast views, players can now feel the satisfaction of smashing home 90mph+ deliveries and experience the thrill of thundering down the track to bowl from Action Cam's new on-field perspectives. A key addition to the range of fielding, bowling and batting improvements is the new Power Stick. Giving batsmen 360 analogue power and direction control, Power Stick enables the widest selection of shots, from pushing quick singles to gaps in the field to risky shots and everything in between.