Chaser v1.49 Patch

JoWooD and Cauldron have issued another patch for the retail version of Chaser, bringing this FPS to v1.49. This release adds anticheat to prohibid changing of weapon scripts, All Seeing Eye support, raise the max number of players to 128, and fixes some bugs (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Chaser v1.49 Patch (english versions) (10.4 MB)
  • The patch is also available for the german & french versions.
    Fixlist: * added anticheat to prohibid changing of weapon scripts * max number of players is now 128 * corrected bug when game sometimes crashed during connection to server * added support for All Seeing Eye * hopefully corrected problems with cheaters who were editing files of weapons and bullets * we also corrected some smaller bugs in network which could cause problems with lagging when user with modem connected * corrected scroll in server list

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