C&C Generals Zero Hour North America Bonus Map

Electronic Arts has released a new Bonus Map for C&C Generals Zero Hour. This 2 player multiplayer map is called 'North America' and allows you to play USA vs Canada. Read the full story for details & install instructions. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • C&C Generals Zero Hour North America Bonus Map (200 KB)
  • Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour by EA Pacific - multiplayer map North America -------------- Map Description -------------- Brought to you by the C&C Generals team, it's USA vs. Canada in this replica of North America! Battle from California to Maine to Quebec to the Yukon in this 2 player map. The Midwest will never be the same. -------------- Map Install Instructions -------------- Installing and Running Multiplayer Maps 1. Place the map file, the .TGA preview file and any related files inside a new folder with the identical name as the map file, minus the filename extension. 2. Move this folder into the following directory: My DocumentsCommand & Conquer Generals Zero Hour DataMaps. For each multiplayer map that you create or download, create a new folder in this directory, following the naming convention in Step 1. When playing multiplayer maps online, the creator of the map should host the game. The map is automatically transferred to all players that join. A completed map should be approximately 1MB. 3. To host a game using a user-created multiplayer map, start Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour. In the Main menu, select MULTIPLAYER and then log in. In the Lobby screen, click CREATE GAME. Set the parameters for the game, and click SELECT MAP. Then click UNOFFICIAL MAPS and select the map to play. Click ACCEPT. When all players are ready, click PLAY GAME to begin. In Sandbox mode, you can test your created multiplayer maps by yourself. Create a multiplayer game over a Network, select your map, and then click PLAY GAME. As the only player on the map, you can explore and fine-tune your creation as needed.