Shade screens #2

The official Shade: Wrath of Angels web site has been updated with 8 new screenshots (also available in our gallery), showcasing this upcoming 3rd person horror action game in the works at Black Element Software. The site has also been updated with the ECTS 2003 trailer (previously available here). Shade will be published by Cenega in 2004 on PC (Xbox release TBA).
CENEGA PUBLISHING, s.r.o. announces a new release date for “Shade: Wrath of Angels” The vision for excellence grows Prague, Czech Republic, 4 October 2003, - Cenega Publishing, a rapidly expanding, worldwide publisher of leading edge games and interactive software will now be releasing Shade: Wrath of Angels, PC CD Rom, (Xbox release TBA), 2004. With a very successful E3 show, where Cenega showed an early playable pre-alpha code of Shade: Wrath of Angles, almost all the visitors were blown away with the ability of the graphics engine made for this title. It has become necessary to delay the game for some months in order to ensure the other elements of the game live up to a great level of detail, as well as gamers’ high expectations for this title. In the current gaming industry it is vitally important to offer the gamer a new experience, and push the ability of modern day machines – Shade: Wrath of Angels will be a ground breaking 3rd person, action adventure game, offering the gamer a truly new experience, one based on choice – and these choices will affect the final outcome of the game. Shade: Wrath of Angels is a chilling, cutting edge, 3D, action-horror title that will leave gamers gasping for more, offering thought-provoking action, unimaginable creatures, and a rich, intriguing story, full of twists and turns, along with untold surprises. Through ingenious storytelling, the players will endeavor to uncover the truth about many horrific events as they unravel the plot. for more detailed information. Features include: • Over 30 huge levels • 8 groups of enemies: 26 different types all together • Real weaponry; unreal enemies • Dark mystery to resolve • Variety of disparate environments, including an abandoned village, military base, besieged medieval town, cursed mines, and strange worlds beyond your imagination • Multiple in-game cut-scenes creating the feeling of reality • High-tech engine providing stunning graphical effects • Motion-capture providing natural animation Minimum system requirements: Pentium III processor 128Mb RAM GeForce2 32Mb DirectX 8.1 Recommended system requirements: Pentium 4 256Mb RAM GeForce4 128Mb It will be well worth the wait!