Soul Master Screens #4

The new screens highlight the maps players will see in this summer's closed beta test
GamesCampus sent us twelve more screenshots from the free-to-play MMORPG Soul Master, a mixture of online action role-play and real-time strategy (check full article for details). In Soul Master, three rival factions battle for the right to rule the realm of Elamond. The game is entirely mission-based: cities act as meeting points for players to interact and trade with others and as a starting-point to set out on missions together. NPCs have many adventures ready for players to begin, either alone or with a group. The aim of these missions is more than just commanding your character and mastering your weapon, resources need to be captured and used to build a base and amass a powerful army. Soul Master will be launched in North America later this year - the game will be released in Europe by gamigo AG in Q3 2010.