Screens #3: One Must Fall Battlegrounds

The official One Must Fall Battlegrounds website has been updated with 10 new screenshots (also available in our gallery), showcasing this upcoming action/fighting game in the works at Diversions Entertainment. The new screens are taken using the new DirectX9 lighting and reflection effects. One Must Fall Battlegrounds will be published by Tri Synergy this Fall.
One Must Fall: Battlegrounds is the first multiplayer action/fighting game with online capabilities for the PC. Players fully immerse themselves into a robust, 3D world, taking on the roles of elite pilots who control the world’s most sophisticated robots, known as HAR’s. In One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, players fight in expansive arenas to compete in the most exciting futuristic mega sport. Gamers will choose from 50 pilots and 8 robots, each with a variety of unique fighting techniques and special characteristics. Features: • Unique 3rd person point of view • Extensive multiplayer mode supported via LAN and internet • Interchangeable cast of pilots and robots • First-rate 3D graphics and amazing physics • Fully moddable engine with AVI recording capabilities • A dynamic soundtrack, accompanied by fast paced action