Runes of Magic Set-Skill System Details

New system encourages collecting and expands tactical possibilities
Since the main release of The Elder Kingdoms, the third chapter of Runes of Magic, a range of new features have been available to players, including the new Set-Skill System, Frogster Interactive announced. This system allows players on level 50 and above to add new and diverse skills to their characters by collecting armor sets. The coveted pieces of armor can either be won in Taborea's dungeons, or purchased from a special trader in the city of Dalanis. The single pieces do still offer classic attributes and automatically add to characters' stats. But once a player has collected all of the pieces of an armor set, special set-skills can now be activated through the new set-skills section on the function menu and then moved to the action bar. Currently players can simultaneously activate a maximum of two set-skills, but three additional slots will be added in the near future.