RC Cars Demo

Project Three Interactive has released a playable demo for RC Cars, allowing you to try out this single-and multiplayer racing game featuring miniature racing cars on various tracks. The demo comes in not just one, but two flavours. The first demo supports single-player only. The second demo is rather bigger and supports extra features like a multiplayer mode for playing over a LAN or the Internet. RC Cars is scheduled for Q4 2003 in several EU-territories and Q1 2004 for others. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • RC Cars 'Lite' Demo (SP Only) (181.6 MB)
  • RC Cars 'Full' Demo (SP/MP) (251.1 MB)
  • RC CARS PLAYABLE DEMO OUT NOW The Netherlands — October 7, 2003 - Dutch publisher Project Three Interactive today released the playable demo of its upcoming miniature car racing game “RC Cars”. The demo gives any racing game fan a fine idea of what to expect from the full release, which is scheduled for this Q4 in several EU-territories and Q1-04 for others. Project Three CEO Rob Ercevic said: “RC Cars really is loads of fun to play, especially on a LAN with some friends. The developers put in a great physics engine for the big-wheeled small cars, resulting in acrobatic leaps, bumps and spectacular jumps throughout the race. Add to that the realistic race environments and most of all the sometimes unexpected interaction with NPC’s within these environments, and you’ve got a very fast, wild and unpredictable match on your hands.” The final game will have lots more racing environments, more cars, more upgrades and more game modes. The first reviews coming in - rating the game 8/10 - don’t seem to be off at all: miniature racing never was this exciting! The RC Cars Demo comes in two different sizes: the smaller, slightly stripped version is 190 Mb and features singleplayer only, while the bigger, original one (including intros, multiplayer mode etc) weights about 260 Mb. About R.C. Cars R.C. Cars is an arcade racing game featuring radio controlled cars with high physical models. All action takes place on polysurfaces designed in such a manner that a car could bounce on big rocks, pits and bumps do acrobatic feats in the air while small surface irregularities could be plausibly and visually damped by a suspender. The radio antenna reacts in a physically feasible way on dynamic loads. Stones fly out from under the wheels. These and other physical behaviors gives a feeling of reality and make the game true spectacular. The player can participate in several types of races including championship mode, time trial and single race against opponents controlled by AI. The Game consists of 10 tracks divided into 3 different groups. Each group has its own distinctive design and is set in a specific landscape. The player can select a car from 3 different types, each having different parameters and attributes like handling, acceleration and maneuverability. Furthermore each vehicle has several distinctive upgrades improving its performance on the immersive tracks. Features: Features: * A total of 10 levels (tracks) to race in, grouped in three different settings. * Radio controlled cars with realistic and exciting racing physics. * Three difficulty settings for AI controlled opponents: easy/medium/hard. * Three different RC Cars which can be repainted (skinned) in the menu by the player * Boost and jump features guarantee fast paced arcade action during each race. * Animated people and animals, interactive objects, full-scale cars, waves etc. hindering the radio controlled cars on the track. * By winning price money players can upgrade their cars, tweak engines, improve boosters etc. * Shortcuts on all tracks enhance replay ability and keep player’s interest in passing the tracks. * Easy accessible game play for young and old, both challenging and fun at the same time. * Adrenaline pumping music, featuring various rock and techno soundtracks. * Supports most (force feedback) input devices (joystick, game pad) * Supports both single and multiplayer modes for total of six players over LAN TCP/IP or even split screen for multiplayer fun on a single pc. System Specs: Minimal configuration: CPU: Intel Pentium III, 600 MHz RAM: 64 Mb Hard disk free space: at least 750 Mb to store game files; at least 200 Mb to virtual memory Screen resolution: at least 800*600, 256 colors Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP Video: based on NVidia, GeForce2 or ATI Radeon 8500 chipsets with at least 16 Mb installed texture memory Microsoft DirectX: version 8.1 or higher. Recommended configuration: CPU: AMD Athlon 1200 MHz or Intel Pentium IV 1300 MHz; RAM: 128 Mb; Video: based on NVidia, GeForce2 or ATI Radeon 8500 chipsets with at least 32 Mb installed texture memory Additional hardware devices and drivers: Sound card: Creative Labs Live!; Game controllers: Joystick, Gamepad or Wheel. Modem or network card is required to run network game Recommended video cards: - Nvidia Riva TNT2 - ATI Radeon - Matrox G400 - GeForce - GeForce2 - GeForce2MX - GeForce 3 - GeForce 4 - GeForce 4MX
    RC Cars Lite Demo (181.64MB)
    RC Cars Full Demo (251.1MB)