Smash Cars: Virus Run Announced and Screens

New add-on pack launches on PSN on June 8th in North America, June 16th in Europe
TikGames and Creat Studios have announced that Smash Cars: Virus Run, the first add-on DLC pack for Smash Cars, will be available for download on PS3 for $2.99 on Tuesday, June 8th in North America and €2.99 on Wednesday, June 16th in Europe. Smash Cars: Virus Run features an all-new online, six-player racing mode where one randomly selected player becomes the group's foe. The "infected" player rushes the racetrack with the ability to contaminate other contestants and ruin their chances of victory. Once the infected player hits an opponent's car, the victim joins the efforts. Included in the add-on pack is a new Skate Park environment located at the center of the island, complete with half-pipes and springboards to access during the Virus Run mode. A batch of screenshots has been added in our gallery.