Space Ark Release Date

One week to go
Strawdog Studios has unveiled that Space Ark, a homage to the bright and bouncy arcade games of the late 80s such as Rainbow Island and Arkanoid, with an added mix of Pinball, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday 16th June, priced at 800 points. A wandering black hole has passed through the galaxy destroying planets and leaving others damaged and desolate in its wake. The Arkonauts - a team of space traveling animals - have been dispatched in their Space Ark on a mission to bring life back to the shattered worlds. You must aid the Arkonauts in their quest by bouncing them into the air to collect DNA left in orbit by the previous inhabitants, transforming the planets back into vibrant habitats. The game features 180 levels of Arkonaut bouncing entertainment split across 5 worlds, with 24 selectable Arkonauts, 5 mini games, bonus levels and a host of power-ups.