Tron 2.0 v1.03 Patch & Level Editor

Monolith Productions and Buena Vista Interactive have released a new patch for Tron 2.0, bringing this 3D action game to version 1.03. This release makes a couple additions, increase performance for ATI 7000 and 8000 class Radeons users, and fixes several bugs (read full story for details). The Tron 2.0 Level Editor is now also available for download, enabling you to create your own single and multiplayer maps (note that you must have Tron 2.0 and the v.0103 update installed to use the level editor). Thanks: ZeroCool. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Tron 2.0 v1.030 Patch (30.8 MB)
  • Tron 2.0 Level Editor (12.2 MB)
  • Readme for "TRON 2.0" Update 2 Copyright Disney 2003 GREETINGS PROGRAMS! About This Document: This document contains information about TRON 2.0 Update 2. Readmes for previous updates also appear below. PLEASE NOTE: Save games generated from previous versions will not work after this update has been applied. To make sure the patch has been installed correctly, please check the game's splash screen on the bottom right hand corner. It should say v1.030. This update contains the following additions: * Multiplayer games can now be hosted using the new dedicated server. Operating instructions appear in the readme file. * Selecting No on the Retry? menu during Single Player Lightcycle matches will now allow players to skip the Lightcycle match. This feature was added because we received some feedback that the Lightcycle matches were too difficult. In addition to the new skip option, the difficulty can also be changed at any point during the game. Please note that the new skipping feature only applies to regular Single Player play and not Lightcycle Custom play. This update contains the following fixes: * Skipping the light cycle single player maps will no longer result in problems with energy transfer or sub-routine use. * The multiplayer exploit allowing players to access weapons other than the disc in Disc Arena and Disc Tournament is no longer possible. * Intel 865G integrated graphics chipsets are now accepted as a valid chipset by the game. * Disc Arena 2 contains some additional blockers preventing face-to-face combat in all arenas. * ATI 7000 and 8000 class Radeons users should see a dramatic increase in performance as well as correctly panning textures. Please keep in mind that while performance has improved greatly, these cards may be overly taxed when using higher detail settings. In addition to installing the update, users of these cards should get the latest drivers for their cards at * All retail versions of the game should now be compatible for Internet play. * Save files containing the pipe (|) character no longer generate unreadable save files. * Numerous networking performance optimizations have been implemented. * Player health will no longer be refilled after each stage of the battle with the Fcon monster. * Counters in Lightcycle matches should now stay synchronized correctly through subsequent races. * Pressing F9 during single player Lightcycle play should no longer results in unexpected behavior. * Custom Bandwidth settings are now correctly saved. * Powerup availability in Lightcycle custom play should more accurately reflect the configuration settings. * The blue disc is no longer substantially faster than the others in multiplayer.

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