Out of Hell 13 June 2010

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. The latest featured Irrational Games employee is Jeff Seamster, Senior Sound Designer - click here for info.

2. eXtreme Outer Vision has released a new eXtreme Power Supply Calculator update.

3. Glyde has found a way to make donating to charities simple - it takes just 10 seconds to donate an item, type in the name of any 501(c)(3)charity and check a box to donate all or some of the proceeds to that charity. Once the item has been sold, Glyde sends a stamped, pre-addressed envelope to the donor's home. Buyers can support their favorite causes by shopping for pledged items, getting a great game at a bargain price. Glyde, in turn, cuts a check to the organization.There is more than $300 billion of used media gathering dust on peoples' shelves while its value depreciates to zero, and well over $25 billion is used video games. Now gamers can help someone in need just by trimming down their game collections. Press 'read more' for details.

4. A new Airsplat contest is offering you the chance to win an Xbox360 video game player along with the latest Modern Warfare 2. You can also win 12 new Airsoft guns that are used in the video game along with plenty of pellets, so that you and your friends can play Airsoft together. This prize has a total value of $1,000 and no purchase is necessary - visit this page for info.

5. It seems that George W. Bush is wanted for mass murder in Deus Ex: Human Revolution - click here for details. Thanks Andreas.