Super Scribblenauts E3 2010 Trailer

1:06 of gameplay footage
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new movie for Super Scribblenauts, a new Nintendo DS game where players use their imagination to write any word, bring that object to life and use it to solve puzzles. In this new game developed by 5TH Cell, players use the stylus and touch screen to help Maxwell, the game's hero, acquire the "Starite", the prize earned from solving the puzzle in even more robust challenges and redesigned levels. Players now have the ability to write any object that comes to mind and modify it in any way they desire using adjectives to reach the goal in each level. Adjectives can change the colour, size, elements, behaviours and many other aspects of the object they are describing. Multiple adjectives can be combined together to produce incredibly creative objects. Previously known as Scribblenauts 2, Super Scribblenauts will be available in October 2010.