Quake 2 Evolved v0.23

A new version of Quake 2 Evolved is now available for download, bringing this enhancement pack to v0.23. This release offers support for official Mission Pack 1/2 and CTF, clipped decals, enhanced menu, improved mod support, optimised speed, even better shader support, and more (read full story for details). Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Quake 2 Evolved v0.23 (10.9 MB)
  • Here's just a couple of the new things in version 0.23: * EVERY VQ2, MP1, MP2 and CTF Effect re-made! - Every effect, from the blood when you kill a monster to the rockets fire trail as it flies past your head is re-made! * Official Mission pack 1/2 and CTF support! - Yeah, it wasn't enough that we remade every effect for these games! We even added all the HUD pictures you need! Menus for the mods will follow shortly. * Clipped decals - All decals in the game are clipped! (Rocket, BFG-10k and Railgun decals will be added for next release) * Enhanced Menu - The classic Q2E menu is back! * Improved mod Support - We have tried our best to keep Q2E as compatible as possible with the best mods. Any problems, post them in the forums! * Even Better Shader Support - Our Quake III Arena style shaders are back, and this time all the bugs are squashed and there's a few new additions too. (Read the Quake II Evolved Shader manual HERE) * Optimised Speed - The latest version, although effects heavy, is STILL nice and fast. Crank up those details baby ;) Plus a LOT more!