Street Legal 2 Redline v2.1.5 Beta Patch

Invictus has issued another beta patch for Street Legal 2 Redline, bringing this recent drag racing game sequel to v2.1.5. This beta release fixes a dozen bugs and makes some gameplay tweaks as well (read full story for details). Thanks: GameStar Online. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Street Legal 2 Redline v2.1.4 to v2.1.5 Beta Patch (6.5 MB)
  • Street legal Racing REDLINE Beta patch v2.1.4 -> v2.1.5 _______________________________ This patch will address the following bugs: - player could not join to higher clubs - pointer could go mad in the garage - sometimes there was no opponent to race with - occasionally loading screens of car dealers did not disappear in time - following to 'watch race' sometime you could not accelerate - Race Of Champions could crash - misplaced replacement parts of Baiern and Emer Nonus - MC transmission could not be placed onto a Simutshibu Engine block - rally fog-lights had only one light glow - Emer GT2 static compression was too high - there as was no rear seat installed into the stock Einvagen - some parts had incorrect prices - painting had compatibility problems with older video cards - ... and many more _______________________________ Developed by: Invictus Games Ltd. All rights reserved 2003