City of Heroes Going Rogue Release Date

Going Rogue will blur the line between heroes and villains in the first and longest-running super-powered comic book MMO game
NCsoft today announced that Going Rogue, the new City of Heroes expansion in the works at Paragon Studios, will launch on August 17th. In the Going Rogue expansion, hero and villain characters will become immersed in the new parallel universe known as Praetoria, which is governed by Tyrant, the evil incarnation of the game's main protagonist, Statesman. As gamers search for Tyrant and the rest of his Praetorian guard, implacable foes and fierce resistance will arise to face them from all sides, causing heroes and villains alike to question their loyalties. Going Rogue is available to pre-purchase now from NCsoft and select partners for an MSRP €19.99/£17.99. Pre-purchase grants instant access to multiple power sets leading up to the release of Going Rogue. With Dual Pistols, players can wield two customisable pistols with swappable ammo. In the latest power set, Demon Summoning, players can summon demon pets and deal devastating damage with Hellfire Whips.