Firearms v2.8 for Half-Life

A new version of Firearms is now available for download, bringing this popular realistic Half-Life mod to v2.8. This release is "the most balanced release ever" and features new and updated maps, several new models, skins and animations, lots of gameplay changes (specifically the weapon behaviour), and more. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Firearms v2.8 (Win32 Update) (73.3 MB)
  • Firearms v2.8 (Win32 Full) (139.3 MB)
  • Firearms 2.8 Wednesday, October 15, 2003 - An enormous number of bugs and exploits have once again been fixed. All the additions and changes to the gameplay, specifically the weapon behaviour, have come together to make this fresh and fun. The ever present balance issues have been addressed, and I can say with some certainty that this is the most balanced release of Firearms ever. Together with the new and updated maps, and several new models, skins, and animations, this should be an extremely enjoyable version for everybody. We strongly recommend playing Firearms 2.8 through Valve's Steam application. If you have yet to get Firearms working within Steam, you should download the full version of 2.8, regardless of any other versions of Firearms you have installed separately. It will make sure you avoid any potential problems with missing files. It is possible to play Firearms 2.8 using the independent Half-Life launcher as well, and will be until the old authorisation servers are taken down. However, you will need to download this file and unzip it to your Half-Life folder. It contains the files used for the Firearms menus, as well as updated rendering .dlls from Day of Defeat 1.0, to enable masked textures on models.