16 Shot! Shooting Watch Released and E3 2010 Screens/Trailer

Rapid-tapping game available to new generation of gamers
Hudson Entertainment has announced that 16 Shot! Shooting Watch is now available as a digital download via Nintendo DSiWare for 200 Nintendo DSi Points. An enhanced and portable version of the original Shooting Watch, which was released by Hudson Soft in 1987, 16 Shot! Shooting Watch offers a one button mode and two button mode, to accommodate players who prefer the "single finger" tapping style as well as those who stand by the "piano" style. The "Real-time Analysis" feature analyzes players' button-tapping speeds and offers real-time progress-tracking graphs. Player's best scores are recorded every time, and the top five scores are commemorated on the local leaderboard with signatures. Eight screenshots and a trailer have been added in our download section.