Dredd vs Death v1.01 Patch

Rebellion has issued the first patch for Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, bringing this just-released futuristic FPS to v1.01. This update makes several general changes, gametype-specific improvements, bug fixes, and adds new server commands (read full story for details). Thanks: 3DGamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Dredd vs Death v1.01 Patch (12 MB)
  • New Commands in Version 1.01 ---------------------------- server commands:- RotateMap - starts the next map in rotation, or if no map rotation is active, restarts the current map variables:- mp_iCreditHealthBonus - Health given to player when they pick up a credit. Can range from -100 (need a medpack to pickup credits) to +100 (regain full health on pickup). mp_iWeaponRespawnDelay - Time between pickup spawners spawning weapons. Default is zero (use the time set in the individual spawners) mp_iLimitMultiplier - Set score / credit limits as a multiple of the number of players connected. If 0, uses the limit set by mp_iPointsLimit or mp_iCreditLimit mp_fCreditPoolMultiplier - limits the total number of credits created in a game to the credit limit multiplied by the value of this variable. e.g. if it is set to 1.5 and you need 10 credits to win, after 15 credits exist in the game players will respawn without any credits until the total number of credits drops below 15 again. Default value is 1.5. Version Updates: ---------------- General changes:- Added 3rd person muzzle flash effect for lawrod. Added Message of the Day facility for servers (displays contents of file "conf/motd.txt", if it exists). Added code to disconnect players who are running old or hacked maps. Added mirror world option for game servers. Added option to change pickup respawn time. Added option to timeout weapons with no ammo. Added options to set score limits based on number of players connected. Added rotatemap console command. Added text on disconnected screen to explain the reason, e.g. whether you were voted off, the server quit or whatever. Can only send one talk message every 5 seconds to prevent spamming. Changed melee attack to make it more effective, and removed extra damage caused by player's velocity. Ensure kill messages are always seen by the killer and the victim on lossy networks. Improved display of waypoints attached to players in the gametypes what use them. Improved network bandwidth usage. Improved security of password-protected servers. Increased fire damage. Increased incendiary bullet damage. Increased limit on length of player names to 31 characters. Increased number of names visible on scoreboard to 16. Increased scrolling speed in menus. Prevent more than one team change per round. Removed "player disconnected" messages when map changes. Removed screen which required confirmation of map change by clients. Removed team change messages when starting map. Respawn players when they change team. Gametype-specific changes:- Elimination gametype: Added spectator camera Elimination gametype: added pre-game phase (default 30 seconds) during which players are allowed to join the game. Players are not able to kill anyone during this phase. After this time, any players joining the game will be spectators. Elimination gametype: fixed problem when only 2 players are left and one is kicked. Elimination gametype: fixed incorrect display of winner (should now display last player alive instead of player with most kills) Thief gametype: added option to set maximum number of credits in existence (credit pool). Default value is 1.5 * target score. Thief gametype: increased spread of dropped credits. Thief gametype: added option for each credit picked up to give a health bonus. Bounty Hunted and Runner gametypes: added option to give player a medpack when he becomes runner or bounty hunted. Bounty Hunted and Runner gametypes: player has health and armour restored when he becomes runner or bounty hunted. Runner gametype: Added scorelimit option. Runner gametype: runner gets a point for killing other players, and they get a point for killing the runner. Vampire gametype: Doubled vampire health loss. Bug-fixes:- Fixed ListPlayers command on clients. Fixed friendly fire code so you can't hurt your teammates with explosives or fire unless friendly fire is on. Fixed jerky player movement on client when crouched and after taking falling damage. Fixed jerky player movement on client when jumping against things and when moving in tight spaces. Fixed music not always playing on client. Fixed players being able to uncrouch into environment on client. Fixed problem that prevented players from voting more than once. Fixed problem when server changed map but a client hadn't entered the previous one yet. Fixed problem where "press action to swap weapon" appeared even if you weren't allowed to pick it up, e.g. in Judges vs Perps Fixed problem where player would be nearly dead but could not move around. Fixed problem with weapon swapping. Fixed problem where score limits were not reset after changing game type. Fixed rare glitch when picking up weapons. Fixed rare problem when names would not appear in scoreboard. Fixed rare problem where Dredd would start without gun in bounty hunted. Fixed rare problem where health packs were not used. Fixed rare problem where players would teleport to an old position after respawn. Fixed team-lives problem in botmatch games. Fixed various problems in LAN co-op. Fixed wrong gametype sometimes being displayed on loading screen. Prevent LAN servers running a different game version from being displayed. Prevent text typed in console from appearing in chat prompt underneath. Prevented players from voting against the player on the server. Prevented players from voting themselves off.