Out of Hell 3 July 2010

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Sytexis Software announced the release of PlayClaw 1.9.9, a software tool to record HD-quality video and take screen shots in computer games for Windows PCs. The new version delivers twice the performance of the previous version, offers updated plug-ins for Teamspeak and fast video encoding.

2. A new interview with Gary Marples of Suisoft can be found on CaptainD's PC Gaming Blog here.

3. Ripened Peach Entertainment has announced the launch of Sex Sim, a free-to-play service in a game genre which has traditionally followed a monthly paid subscription business model. In addition to the free playability, users can acquire "points" they can then use to get virtual items to enhance and customize their experience with the game.

4. Joystick Labs announced it is accepting applications for the first seed-stage venture fund and accelerator program focused exclusively on the development of digitally distributed video games - read this press release for info.

5. BattleCell is a free Google Maps-based warfare strategy game of global domination where millions of payers begin and only one player (or alliance) conquers the world. The game sports social network integration, live player (SMS, IM), and multi-lingual communications (30+ languages supported). You can play through Facebook or a web browser. The official website is located here.

6. The Infected is a new game project from the Dead Wake developer - the first details about this title can be found on this page.

7. MobRule Studios has announced the launch of Drop Shock, a massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game developed to be played entirely from the web browser. The game features a high degree of player customization through the modification of vehicles, a completely player-drive economy and RPG-style leveling system.
PlayClaw v1.9.9 (2.31MB)